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What we do
MM Geotracker is a web based vehicle and personal tracking system, which uses GPS with GSM/GPRS to track your vehicles real time location, direction, security and safety of your loved ones.

It allows you to monitor your drivers and vehicles with assurance and confidence. MM GeoTracker tracking system with GPS acts as your Private Business Radar, allowing you to track & trace your vehicles while sitting at your desk.



Web based live tracking
• Track and view your vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through VFS-VIEW
• Uses a secure web-based application for ease of use and efficiency of operation
• Choose from multiple map formats: Classic, Satellite, and Hybrid
• View the location and driving details for your vehicles every 30 seconds
• View the street-level picture of the vehicles when desired
• Ability to view on the screen only the specific vehicles or group of vehicles you desire
• Ability to view full screen map of vehicles or split screen with data and map side by side
• Map auto-updates without you having to do anything further
• Map re-centers the vehicles so that you can always view them as they move around
Geo fencing
• Used to determine when a vehicle arrives and departs a specific landmark
• You are able to define a custom radius for a landmark
• Can be created around an address or simply placed anywhere on the map
• Able to set for all vehicles or specific vehicles
• Run reports to determine arrival, duration, and departure at saved landmarks
• Be alerted when a vehicle arrives or departs for whichever vehicles you choose
• Replace addresses when inside a Geofence while viewing current locations
Automated reports
• Create customized scheduled reports with only the specific data you desire
• Ability to have multiple vehicles’ data included in one easy to read report
• Have any reports emailed to you in HTML (web) or CSV (excel) format
• Automated custom reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly
• You only have to set them up once and they then come to you automatically!
Theft protection
• Know exactly where your vehicle is
• Protect your vehicle by controlling your vehicle’s ignition, no matter where you are.
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